Ripley High School celebrates Veterans Day


By Martha B. Jacob – 

RULH High School held an emotional and special Veterans Day Assembly on Thursday, Nov. 9 in the presence of at least 16 visiting American Veterans from in and around the community.
Veterans included:
• Phillip Watson, Army, specialist 4th class, 3 years service
• Robert Warner, Navy 2 years service Radar Man 2nd class, Navy
•Bud DeVore, Corporal, Air Force, 5 years service
• Sonny Bradford, Air Force 4 years service E3
• Colonel Rick Klinker, USMC 30 years service
• Otis Kokensparger Sgt. Major, USMC 30 years service
• Don Phillips Master gunnery Sgt. US MC, 30 years
• Chris Jenkins Specialist 4th class Army, 4 years of service
• Harry Bridge, Airman, Navy, 4 years service
• Mike West, E5, Navy, 6 years service
• James Clark Colonel, USMC, 30 years service
• Isaac Jones, SSG Staff sergeant, army 20 years service
• Doug Bowery, specialist 4th class Army, 3 years service
•Kathy Rice, American Legion Auxiliary 3 years service
Lillie Rice, Chaplain American Legion Auxillary, 37 years service
• Ray Westgerdes, active duty E6, Navy, 12 years service
• Alea Hoffmeister, Sherrod Brown’s Office representative