Ohio Rural Heritage Festival 2018


By Martha Jacob

It is agreed by all that this year’s Ohio Rural Heritage Festival was one of the best ORHF’s ever in Ripley, the beautiful village by the river.

Kristel Salisbury Titus, member of the Ohio Rural Heritage Association said, “We (the association) are looking for people to help us improve our festival to be even bigger and better in the years to come.

“When you have only a few people doing the whole thing it’s easy to burn out,” Kristel said. “We could do a card-board boat race, if we had someone to be the chairperson and get it organized.

“We received lots and lots of ideas and fun things to do, but until we can fine more people to get involve, we can only do what we can do. But we are all very happy with how well this year’s festival went.”

The association would like to thank everyone who came out to support the festival and everyone who worked so hard to make it a succes. Also thanked are the many sponsors who make the festival possible.

Highlights of the festival included the crowning of the Ohio Rural Heritage Festival Queen where the 2018 winner was Claire Brookbank and 1st runner up was Shanee Weatherspoon.

Duck-Race winners included Phyllis Mitchell, Mutt Hauke and Teresa Reid.

Raffle drawing winners included 1st place- Collin Brookbank, 2nd place – Druann Kendrick, 3rd place – David Campbell and 4th place Alan Scott.

Watch the Ripley BEE in the next few weeks for more results from the 2018 three-day Ohio Rural Heritage Festival.