PCP Champion in Ripley celebrates 50 years


By Martha Jacob

The SAI (Surgical Appliance Industries) Therapeutic Brands was founded in 1893 by Joel Adams and his son-in-law Isaac Pease. The two men had been manufacturing livery items and selling them in the bustling port of Cincinnati to settlers on their way west. But with the invention of the automobile, it marked the end of this kind of business.

Fifty years ago PCP Champion Metal Works in Ripley continues to be one of the top manufacturers of orthopedic garments, and many other medical enhanced products. Today, PCP is the last remaining North American manufacturer of bent metal home medical equipment.

According to the company website, SAI (Surgical Appliance Industries) was founded in the late 1800’s by Joel Adams and his son-in-law Isaac Pease. The company was originally called the Ohio Truss Company (OTC) formed for the purpose of manufacturing and selling trusses, abdominal belts, elastic hosiery and surgical goods.

By the late 1900’s the companies products evolved, shifting from trusses to orthopedic garments, along with mobility and convalescent aids.

Recently, PCP has expanded its business into making contract metal fabricated products for a diverse range of clients, as well as continuing to grow its medical manufacturing capabilities.

PCP Metal Works is a specialty manufacturing enterprise focused on providing high quality mobility and convalescent products for contract manufacturers. It offers friendly home medical equipment specifically bathroom safety equipment, carved foam pillows and cushions and sickroom accessories. It also has extensive experience with private label manufacturing.