Aberdeen police levy to return in November

By Damon Huff, Champion Media – 

The proposed police tax levy will be back on the ballot in November, according to Aberdeen Village Council members.
The levy, which was placed on the May primary ballot for an amount of five mils worth of property taxes, was voted down 58 percent against to 42 percent for.
“Some folks have said an operating levy for a lesser amount and I totally disagree, because an operating levy is a renewing levy and if we manage to get done what we want done we’re going to have to make payments,” council member Billie Eitel said. “If we do that and it gets shot down in the future then we’ll be in trouble.”
Eitel said she was also against lowering the levy to three percent.
“If you cut it down to three mil, you’re talking $50,000 maybe,” Eitel said. “Our costs will be the same in November as they are now. If we’re going to push it we need to push it for what we need.”
Eitel said that if the levy goes down in November, the council is thinking of doing away with forgiveness on the one percent income tax in the village.
“However, that will only bring in $40,000 to $50,000,” Eitel said.