Ripley Life Squad makes donation towards AirEvac

By Martha B. Jacob – 

The Ripley Life Squad once again paid half the cost of membership to the Air Med Care Network and made the $3,050 donation Monday afternoon, May 14 at the squad building.
The Village of Ripley will pay the balance, the other half of the cost, ensuring that all residents of the village will receive free transport to the closest appropriate medical facility.
If the life squad and the village didn’t share the expense, residents would all pay $35 annually.
Ripley Life Squad Lieutenant worked on the membership program with Air Med Care last year, and this is the second year it is being offered to the village residents.
“Nationwide coverage can also be purchased,” Lewis said. “On average, the standard industry rate for air medical services is around $30,000 per flight with commercial health insurance usually only paying a small portion of the cost and the rest of the cost is the responsibility of the patient being transported.”
Any Ripley resident who would like to increase their coverage or if they are uninsured, they can pay an additional $35 per year to the AMCN for full coverage.