Spring Redbud Tours are beautiful in Brown County

By Carol Stivers, BC Tourism, Inc. – 

Spring weather has been… on again… off again, this year, but the reliable eastern redbud trees are letting us know that spring is really here. Their beautiful purplish-pink blooms are bursting forth along all roadways right now.
Spring and summer are beautiful times in Brown County, Ohio. As you drive the major highways and back roads it is always thrilling to see nature’s changing landscape. In spring you will see a wide variety of wild flowers, ferns and newly planted farm crops.
Summer brings maturing farm crops, roadside daisies, Queen Ann’s lace, old fashioned tiger lilies and beautiful orange butterfly weed.
Everyone loves the wild dogwood and eastern redbud that bloom in spring. The eastern redbud is a favorite. It is one of springs most dazzling shrubs or small trees.
The redbud’s showy magenta flowers hang in long clusters on the branches before their heart shaped leaves appear. The eastern redbud (cercis canadensis) is native to eastern North America.
It has been recorded that Native Americans and early settlers ate the redbud flowers both raw and cooked. You can add a little zip of color to a salad with a few flowers of the redbud.
Redbuds are sometimes planted as specimen landscape trees, but they grow wild along most roadways in Brown County. Redbuds reseed themselves easily and at times have almost become a nuisance, but they add color and beauty to the early spring landscape.
Why not take a Brown County, Redbud Tour? A Redbud Tour is beautiful, enjoyable and easy to take. It is a self driving tour. It consists of driving around major highways or back roads during spring. April and early May depending on the weather are the times the redbud trees bloom. You can set out to purposely go on a Redbud Tour or turn any shopping trip into a Redbud Tour by just looking at the passing landscape. Brown County, Ohio has much to offer residents and tourists year round.