New RULH High School Greenhouse to open soon

By Martha B. Jacob – 

Two years ago a new Ag Education teacher joined the staff at Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington High School and hit the ground running.
Shelby Schelling says that she was impressed early on with the successful Ag program at the school.
“One of the first things I noticed was the very small greenhouse the department had,” Schelling said. “I believe the greenhouse program is an important part of the ag class and I wanted to enlarge the greenhouse that they were currently using. so I decided to try and accomplish that very thing.”
Schelling said she first discussed the project with our principal Susie Skinner who was all for it.
“I went on and found an area that showed different kinds of greenhouses,” Schelling said, “so I picked out one that I thought would work for us and Dick Zurbuch, the utilities and maintenance supervisor at the school worked with me and added a small room in the front of the structure where things could be unloaded onto concrete, and we could also set up a desk. Dick also recommended putting the concrete up around the building so when they mow it doesn’t throw things against the greenhouse.
She said that Mr. Zurbuch has greenhouses of his own and made some great recommendations.