RULH HS students visit Jungle Jims


By Chris Young, RULH HS Principal – 

Mrs. Douglas’ Spanish II students & Mrs. Rau’s Global Foods students from Ripley High School traveled the world on a field trip experience to Jungle Jim’s at Eastgate in Cincinnati on Friday, Dec. 1. The two groups experienced a tour of the international departments that showcased products from over 70 countries around the world.
Students were provided the opportunity to taste chocolate, seasonings, cookies from Japan, plantain chips from South America, boar’s head Turkey, fresh fruit, and seasoned larvae mealworms.
Students also viewed and asked questions about meats and other items typically not consumed in the United States. The cultural experiences ended at Rincon Mexicano Restaurant where the Spanish II students were asked to order their meals using their second language. The two RULH HS student groups were provided a great experience in a real world setting outside of the classroom.