Personal financial management class at RULH High School


By Chris Young, RULH HS Principal – 

Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington Personal Financial Management Students are learning the importance and dangers of credit!
In a world that revolves around credit, it’s important that today’s teens learn the importance and dangers of credit. The concept of interest, loans and paying on time our crucial information for teens to understand for their own future financial success. RULH high schools students in Mrs. Raus’ Personal Financial Management class created board games on the topic credit using vocabulary and concepts taught on credit in class. Through this activity students learned that a credit card isn’t free money, students learn the process of filling out a credit card application, checking their credit history and credits score, the 3 C’s of credit, open and closed credit and vast array of credit terminology. RULH students learn that their actions on how they use credit, can have serious consequences.