Buildings demolished, Village waits to be paid


By Martha B. Jacob –

Ripley Village Council met in regular session Aug. 22 and it was business as usual with a lot of discussion on the demolition of the Bodmer Hotel demolition
“In regards to the Bodmer Hotel restitution, we still haven’t heard a word yet, from the owners of the Bodmer and the building next to it that had to be demolitioned,” said village administrator, Pete Renshaw, “Our solicitor Tom Mayes spoke to them a couple weeks ago and Tom said the owners, of the Bodmer, Charles and Robin Castle and Megan and Zack Seip and the owners of the building next to it, that had to be torn down, Joann Kaufman and Roberta Gaudio will have to get together and decide if they will be splitting the demolition costs for the village of approximately $39,000.
“Mr. Castle is currently trying to find a new attorney to represent him but Tom plans on filing the paperwork anyhow and move forward on this project.”
Mayes said that once he files the lawsuit, they will have 30 days to respond. He said he would have the paperwork ready for council to look over by the next meeting.