Over 20,000 pounds of trash picked up in and around Ohio River in Ripley

By Martha B. Jacob – 

Residents of the Village of Ripley have enjoyed a week of clean-up of the great Ohio River which runs alongside the village.
A crew of about 11 volunteers aboard a “Living Lands & Waters” (LL&W) barge spent July 25 through July 29 walking the shoreline picking up trash and garbage which had washed ashore.
Monique Dykman was program coordinator for the LL&W event which proved to be a huge success.
“We have been cleaning up waterways in America since 1998, worked on 23 rivers including the Ohio River, in 20 states and we’ve been in a lot of towns and villages,” Dykman said. “But I have to say that the people of Ripley have been so welcoming to all of us and volunteers seem to come from everywhere to offer their help.”