Narcan use becoming a source of debate nationwide

By Martha B. Jacob – 

According to the Associated Press, the governor of Maine, Paul LePage has recently introduced a bill that would require people who receive the drug Narcan, for an opioid overdose, to reimburse the agency (police, firefighters, EMT’s, etc.) if it happens a second time.
But the catch is, the bill would also require communities or agencies that do not comply with the law to pay a $1,000 fine for not collecting the bill, which would amount to about $37.50 per dose.
Last year LePage vetoed a bill that would allow people to buy the lifesaving drug overdose antidote without a prescription.
Narcan reverses the effects of heroin and powerful painkillers like Oxycodone.
Craig Hauke with the Ripley Life Squad says he does not see this bill as a good idea.
“I’m not absolutely sure just how I feel about this bill,” Hauke said. “I agree that people should pay their bill, but, I will never sit and watch an overdose victim die because it’s their second time they’ve overdosed and haven’t paid their bill for their previous overdose.
“But I will say, the idea of fining the responder for treating the patient is definitely going too far.”….