Aberdeen gets K-9 unit for police department

aberdeen-k-9By Martha Jacob –

Aberdeen’s Chief of Police Fred Hampton has proudly announced that his department will soon have a new officer on duty for his village.
The new officer is a K-9 Unit named “Gunner”. Gunner will be handled by full-time Officer Anthony Mountjoy who has been with the department for about a year.
“Officer Mountjoy has been actively looking into different programs and other things our department can get that will help us in the upcoming years,” Chief Hampton said. “He spoke with St. Michael’s Shepherds, an organization that trains K-9 units, and because of an abundance of current dogs, they actually donated Gunner to us who is 18 months old.
“Gunner would have cost us about $5,000. He is well trained and as soon as Officer Mountjoy receives his 200 hours of training  from St. Shepherds he too will receive his certification and then the  two will go to work. This is a real big deal for Aberdeen and its residents.”
Chief Hampton said the training for Officer Mountjoy will cost the village $9,000 and because he is a full-time officer, he will have to take the training when he can work it in. Aberdeen Council has approved the training and will absorb the cost.
“Another positive spin on this is, we were given, free of charge, a K-9 Unit fully equipped vehicle from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department,” Chief Hampton said. “It’s a 2011 Crown Victoria with about 100.000 miles on it. It’s valued at about $5,000. They were about