Campbell Frontier Realty merges with Sibcy Cline

By Martha Jacob –

David Campbell, owner/operator of Campbell Frontier Realty, and his family have lived in the Village of Ripley his entire life. He has operated Campbell Frontier Realty for over 30 years, and has a genuine love and respect for his community.
Campbell’s father, Duane Campbell, started Campbell Auctioneers in the Village of Ripley in 1957 which is where David Campbell got his start in the business. Campbell Auctioneers will remain the same.
But now in his continuing efforts to keep up with the best technology for his many clients and friends Campbell Frontier  Realty has entered into a partnership with Sibcy Cline Realtors.
“We don’t want our clients to feel like we’re selling out to Sibcy Cline,” Campbell explained. “We will now be their representatives in the Brown County area and they will be our representative to the world.
“We will always be the local company who knows its local market. We know what is selling and we know first hand what it’s worth. It was very important to me that being a part of this community won’t change.”
Campbell said that after he had sat down and studied some of the major real estate players in the regional industry, he could see that Sibcy Cline was doing things that could be trusted and could make all the difference in getting exposure on a local property.
“When I saw all the tools the Sibcy Cline had at their disposal for their clients,” he said. “I knew right away that this was the direction I wanted Campbell Frontier Realty to go.
“I will now be able to offer advanced methods of showing off a home. It will be such an advantage in regard to advertising, marketing techniques and name recognition.
“As a small company, we really couldn’t afford things like TV advertising or at sporting events.”
Campbell added that even though he is happy with the results of his website (   he doesn’t get 50,000 hits a week like Sibcy Cline does.
“I’m still going to be the ‘hometown boy’ and this is still a hometown business,” Campbell added. “I still look forward to supporting our schools and handling the small animal auction, and other events like the FFA Auction. We will remain part of this community but we will be able to highlight some of our beautiful homes here in Ripley to anyone looking for a great place to live.”
Sibcy Cline Realtors® is the largest independent real estate broker in Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana.
It has been around since the 1930’s, a family-owned company which is locally owned and operated. It is ranked among the top 50 independent real estate companies in the nation.
“We here at Campbell’s Frontier Realty and Auction Service see this merger as an exciting time,” Campbell said with a smile, “We will be able to help our clients more and better than ever before.”
To learn more about the merger or Campbell Auctioneers service please call (937) 392-4308 or email