RULH Board looks to purchase 2 new buses

By Martha Jacob –

Members of the Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington Schools Board of Education met in regular session Oct. 19 for a meeting that lasted about an hour.
At least two parents were in attendance of the meeting who represented the school’s soccer team. The two were concerned over several soccer banners that had been mishandled and damaged.
At least two of the banners could not be repaired. The banners were purchased by the soccer team. They said they were very upset that the banners were removed without permission.
They were asking for an apology from the parties who did the damage as well as replacing the banners.
The board as well as people in the audience discussed the issue at great length and in the end, board member Barry Simms assured the two women that they would be reimbursed for the banners, and Principal Susie Skinner would find out who was responsible for taking the banners down.
In other business, Superintendent Dr. Linda Naylor reported that she had recently attended an Administrative Work Breakfast at the Brown County Fair on Tuesday morning sponsored by the Brown County Educational Service Center and the 40 Developmental Assets.
“They had a nice program and a nice breakfast and ceremony,” Dr. Naylor said. “Then on Oct. 19, this morning, I met with Dr. Kevin Boys, president of Southern State Community College about some possible district strategic planning sessions.”
Dr. Naylor talked briefly about the most recent inductees into the National Honor Society and about a regional governing board meeting she had attended.
Board treasurer Jeff Rowley discussed information from his 5-Year Forecast which is available on the school’s  website. He said there was a slight change in revenue but all in all the forecast looked good, but the general fund a dropped a little.
Rowley also mentioned some teachers who would be retiring in the next few years, and what their payouts would cost the District. He also said the board purchased 2 new buses last year and he hopes to purchas two more buses this year.
Mr. Rowley said that he will be purchasing a used van from Jerry Haag Motors in Hillsboro at a cost of $17,500 which would be used to transport small groups of students up to eight.
The board discussed how best to make upgrades to the worn down soccer field. Options considered were to kill every thing there and start from scratch, disc it up and replant or maybe plant a different kind of seed.
The board accepted the resignation from Deidre Polley as high school cashier, but later approved Polley as a classified sub.
Later in the meeting the board heard from Tim Brown, high school music teacher in regard to starting a new program at the school. The board unanimously approved Mr. Brown’s recommendation.