New K9 unit now on the job in Ripley

By Martha Jacob –

Ripley’s Police Chief  Joel Barnett said his department is proud to announce and introduce its newest officer, K9 Unit Bragi, to his department.
Bragi was purchased by Ripley Police Corporal Corey Herren who handled all the dogs training for the past few months. He donated the dogs services to the Village of Ripley during a May 24 Village Council meeting.
Corporal Herren worked diligently with the dog preparing his for his state testing which he passed about a week ago. Bragi is now state certified and an official Ripley police officer.
“This is an exceptional dog,” Corporal Herren said at an earlier meeting, “At four months he was accomplishing things that one year old dogs were doing.”
Herren was also able to obtain a special K9 vehicle from Amelia, a Dodge Magnum, at a cost of only $3,000.
“Having this new K9 officer on the job here in Ripley is going to make a huge difference in our ongoing drug problem in our community,” said Chief Barnett. “This dog will be able to find drugs that our officers could never find. We are proud and fortunate to have him join us.”