Lifetime Ripley resident named as Ripley Postmaster

By Martha Jacob –

 Curt Spiller is not just another pretty face in Ripley, he was named the Postmaster of the Ripley Post Office in early August, and no one is any happier about it than he is.
Spiller has worked for the postal service for over 18 years and began his career as a city carrier in New Richmond where he served for about five years. He has also had details in Maysville, Manchester, Sardinia, Flemingsburg and Felicity. He has also worked as postmaster at Germantown KY, Butler, KY and the Village of Aberdeen.
Spiller and his wife Kim have five children, Samantha, Elizabeth, Erin, Hannah and Marlie.
“Through all my years with the postal service, my goal all along was to come back to my home town of Ripley to serve as postmaster,” Spiller said with a smile. “I’ve lived in Ripley my entire life and I love this village.
“Since the early 1940’s, there have only been three postmasters actually from Ripley, and I’m proud to be the newest one.”
Spiller said he likes knowing so many of the people in village and he looks forward to serving them and looking out for them. He said the Ripley Post Office is very organized office and he knew the  former postmaster, Kathy Pfeffer very well, and he knew it would be well organized.
“The postal service is changing constantly, almost daily,” Spiller said. “My goal is to offer good service to my customers, I want them to be happy and keep coming back.
“Package deliveries have increased extremely and with the holidays not far off, I anticipate a lot more packages coming through our office.”
Spiller said his office has two full-time carriers and one sub carrier as well as two city carriers and an office clerk. He said he has a great crew helping him.
Spiller has also been the treasurer for the Ripley Boat Club for more than 20 years and has seen a lot of changes in the village.
“I am just very glad and happy to be back in this community as postmaster,” he added, “I can guarantee I’ll retire someday from this office. They’ll have to drag me out of here.”