Ripley Night Out in the Park planned for Aug. 12

By Martha Jacob –

The National Night Out program has been celebrated on the first Tuesday of August across the nation for several years. Several communities in Brown County are now holding their own National Night Outs.
The Village of Ripley has joined in the celebration this year which will be held at the village park on Friday, August 12.
Several years ago, then Police officer for the Village of Aberdeen, Officer Josh Miller held the first Night Out in the village of Aberdeen. According to Ripley Police officer Cory Herron, read a letter from Officer Miller to members of council during their recent meeting.
“National Night out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make neighborhoods safer, better places to live,” Miller said in his letter.
“It is a chance to bring neighborhoods together with the men and women who protect them.”
Vice President Joe Biden once said…. “The best way to prevent crime is to know your neighbors and your surroundings…..”
Miller has organized the upcoming Ripley Night Out at the Park for the village. It will include:
• a movie at dark
• games for all kids
• a snack and a drink
Being close to the start of the next school year, many of the prises will include items needed for school, like back-packs, paper, pencils, folders, etc. Everything purchased was made possible by local donations and contributions.
Miller has also invited all fire and EMS personnel to join in the event and make it possible for kids to take a close look at the departments trucks and squad cars.
“This is an opportunity to build a more positive view of police officers,” Miller said in his letter. “The kids and the community will see us as people whose sole purpose is to keep them safe.”
Miller hopes to make the Ripley Night Out Pro-gram a 501 non-profit status so it can be eligible for grants and he wants to create a specific place for the money to be held within the village budget.
Donations to the Ripley Night Out Program can not be put into the general fun, but needs to be in its own  line item.
The new fund would be called the Ripley Police for Kids fund.