Ripley Administrator’s Report, June 2016

By Pete Renshaw, Village Administrator –
Electrical Power Outages
• The Village Electrical Department continues to hunt down the cause of a recurring electrical outage in the downtown area.
• Village crews will continue trimming trees and branches that lay across power lines, causing electrical shorts, in an effort to prevent further outages
• If residents see electrical arcing or sparks anywhere on the electrical wires, poles or transformers please call Ripley Utilities immediately to report it.  If after normal working hours please call the Ripley Police Department 378-4155 so that a crew can be called out to investigate it.
Water Line Flushing
• The entire distribution network of water pipes will be flushed during the weeks of July 18th and July 25th
• Residents should avoid running tap water, and using washing machines and dishwashers if a crew is seen on the street flushing water pipes through the fire hydrants
• It is normal to experience minor discoloration of the water following pipe flushing.
• Running cold water for a few minutes will clear the household pipes.
• Flushing the pipes through the fire hydrants usually takes about an hour each
• A Tip Sheet and FAQs (frequently asked questions) is available either from the Ripley Utilities Office or as email from the  Village Administrator at
Front Street Stone Wall
• Is being repaired near the Liberty Monument
Trash Cans
• Residents are asked to place all trash into trash cans with lids and to not leave bags of trash on the ground
• Animals tip over cans and rip up trash bags causing trash to be blown around by the wind