Ripley Councilwoman Bingaman dedicated to public service

NowanaBy Martha Jacob –
She’s not just another pretty face…lifetime Ripley resident Nowana Bingaman has been dedicated to her family and her community for her entire life.
Bingaman is currently a member of the Ripley Village Council, where she has taken her responsibility very seriously for the past five years.
“I learned at a very young age that it’s always important to do the right thing, work hard and help others whenever you can,” Bingaman said, “That’s what I’ve learned in my lifetime and its one of the main reasons I wanted to serve Ripley as a council member.”
Bingaman, along with her husband Wayne and their two children Baylee (18) and Robbie (17) are all involved in public service in one way or another.
Wayne is a Brown County Deputy Sheriff as well as a volunteer firefighter. Robbie is currently a fire fighter cadet with the Ripley EMS as well as Mt. Orab Fire and Rescue. He is active in the Ripley High School JROTC.
Daughter Baylee is also a cadet on the Ripley Squad. Nowana admits that public service is in her blood and began her career in the EMS field over 19 years ago. Today she is an Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate (EMTI).
“I was glad when I got voted on the council five years ago,” Nowana said, “I feel like I can help make my community a better place. I want to contribute to these residents and I feel like this is the way to do that.
“I am very happy to see all the progress we have made in getting the old, condemned buildings taken care of, by finally making the property owners responsible. I am also very excited about the recent generous gesture made by Ripley Police Officer Herren who offered the services of his K9 Unit to our police department, it’s going to make a big difference.”
Bingaman currently works for the Brown County Child Support Enforcement Agency. She said that in the future, she and all the village officials would like to find ways to attract more businesses to the Village of Ripley. She added that she can see that happening in the near future.