RULH High School students earn JAY Bucks for good behavior

By Martha Jacob

RULH High School students have a very special incentive to follow the rules and go out of their way to do good deeds or volunteer in some way.
Jasmine Osman is the Ripley High School guidance counselor. She created the program to encourage good behavior.
“I started this program at the beginning of the year when I created a ‘Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program, (PBIS)” Osman said, “I called it JAY Bucks. JAY Bucks are just that, they can be earned by our students for their efforts to make good decisions and volunteer to help others.
According to Osman some of the ways JAY Bucks can be earned include:
• completing all assignments earns $1 a week
• vocabulary work complete earns $3 a week
• master four vocabulary words earns $1
• complete a positive behavior earns up to $5 per event
• no discipline referrals for a week earns $1
• no suspensions of any type for a month earns $1
• volunteer in the community or school earns $5 a month
•100% attendance for the week earns $2
• obeying cellphone policy for the month earns $2
“ We have a menu we call “The Bird House” which lists all the items that can be purchased with the JAY Bucks,” Osman said. “The bucks can buy McDonald’s coupon booklets, candy bags, free admission to games, dances and musicals, homework pass, and the list goes on.
“One of the most popular items that can be purchased with the JAY Bucks is a large one-topping pizza.
“At the beginning of the year I asked one of our staff members, the EMIS/Guidance Coordinator Kim Mailberger, who also owns the Domino’s Pizza with her husband Greg, if they would be willing to donate pizzas for this program. Little did I know, that by the end of April, students would have purchased 141 pizzas.”
Osman said that all the pizza’s were donated  to the high school students by Greg and Kim at no cost.
“We had no idea the kids were going to be so responsive to the JAY Bucks program,” Osman said,  “The program is working and we are so proud of our students.”