Digital Video Class at Ripley HS a huge success

By Martha Jacob

This year marks the third year for students in the Dual Credit Digital Video class at Ripley High School to spend time out in the community making their videos, according to class instructor Patty Ream.
“This class has been actively going out into the community and interviewing people and getting stories on a wide range of topics,” Ream said. “This is a college credit course which allows students to receive credit not only at the high school level but also  college credit hours.”
The videos created by the students appear regularly on Time Warner, Channel 4 and Youtube, so that community members can see the programming.
“In order to get stories of interest for the TV Station, we talk to people in the community, search online and in local newspapers to learn about what’s happening,” Ream said. “Over the past few years, our chass has interviewed a gentleman that explodes bombs for a living, another gentleman who is a knife-maker, a primitive bow maker,  a man who makes sailboats, not to mention the many interviews we have had on activities in the area.
“The kids also covered the Old West Festival in Williamsburg.”
Ream said that a couple of her students had the opportunity to interview the world champion roper who showed them some of his tricks and tried to teach them some simple rope tricks.
“Another couple in my class interviewed Mary McDonough who played Erin Walton on the show, ‘The Waltons,’ Ream said. “We’ve also made videos of several documentaries on the historic sites in Brown County such as the Rankin House and the Parker House.”
Ream said that the documentaries will soon be able to be purchased by the general public, proceeds of which will be used to purchase additional cameras and equipment to help keep the program running.
The students are continually doing public service announcements for the community and some even outside of the community.
“I have a few students who are currently helping put together a PSA for Serpent Mound, so that they can share the videos with schools, via Youtube, to illustrate the fantastic learning experience that is available to students who visit the mound,” she said.
Ream said that her students often visit the Brown County Animal Shelter to highlight some of the dogs that are available for adoption.
“Our class has made many educational weather related shows with Beth Nevel, the emergency management director for the county,” Ream said. “We’ve conducted a vast number of shows over the last few years on quite the array of topics.”
Ream admitted that she had no idea when the class started taping, that it would have such an impact on her students.
“These are great kids, and they aren’t just learning video taping and editing skills,” Ream said, “they’re also learning how to research, how to interview, copyright laws and regulation, and how conduct themselves on and off camera. I am very proud of my students both past and present and excited about what the future holds for them.”
Anyone in the Ripley area who has any potential ideas for a story or a public service announcement, may contact Ream at (937) 392-4384.