RULH School District teachers honored

Martha Jacob – Ripley Bee
The Ripley Union Lewis Huntington School District was well represented at the 33rd Annual Exceptional Achievement Award Recognition Ceremony held at Hillsboro Elementary School on April 21.
“This event is sponsored by the Region 14 Hopewell Center Governing Board and Parent Advisory Council of the Southern Ohio Educational Service Center,” said RULH Superintendent Dr. Linda Naylor, “This is an opportunity to recognize exceptional contributions and achievements of students, teachers and community members for students with disabilities in Region 14, which includes our district.”
According to Naylor, Login Fowler, graduate of the RULH High School was recognized as a recipient of the ‘Outstanding Student Award” for her achievements during her high school career. Ms. Fowler was not available for a picture.
“A second award for RULH Schools was recognition of our Middle School Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports) PBIS team,” Dr, Naylor said. “Over the last two years this team has designed and implemented a strong PBIS program at the middle school that has made a positive impact on the learning environment for all students.
“The team was recognized at the state level with the Bronze Award in December and has made state-wide presentations.”
Representing the team Thursday was;
• Mrs. Stephanie Wagoner, 8th grade math teacher
• Mrs. Patricia Gulley, guidance counselor
• Mrs. Debby Mitchell, 5th grade English Language Arts teacher.
“Mrs. Pat Curran was also presented and ‘Exceptional Achievement Award,” Dr. Taylor said. “Mrs. Curran volunteers at the middle school in Mrs. Dangler’s classroom; she has volunteered for many years at the middle school and has become someone the students know they can depend on.”
“Thanks to all of these folks for their hard work supporting the students at RULH. They make it a great school.”