Ripley Life Squad celebrates 40 years of service

By Martha Jacob – Ripley Bee

On April 1, the Ripley Life Squad recognized its 40th anniversary of providing emergency medical services to its community, according to Craig Hauke, operations manager for the squad.
“We held  a fun anniversary celebration on Sunday, April 24 and we invited all present and past members j to join us,” Hauke said. “We had a cook-out at the Ripley Life Squad building at 3 p.m.
“Forty years ago, we first opened our doors to provide patient care. The first run was a transfer request at 16:21 hours for Good Samaritan Hospital to return a patient to their residence in Ripley, which was completed by Robert W. (Bob) Frodge, Teresa Klump and Jill Richey.”
Hauke reflected on the department’s founding members, current volunteers and past volunteers. He said all the volunteers are hard workers that have done an excellent job for the organization, doing it for free for many years.
“To all these volunteers, we say Thank-You,” Hauke said. “This village is so fortunate to be able to provide compensation for our members for providing EMS services.
“We have come so far in 40 years regarding training, equipment and technology, including 12-Lead EKG (records heart activity), Waveform Capnography (monitors metabolism, circulation and ventilation)  CPAP (provides continuous positive airway pressure), EZIO drills, King/IGEL airways, video Laryngoscopes, Power-Stretchers, Tracked Stair-chairs, ventilators, IV pumps and the addition of so many life saving drugs that we carry to continue our mission providing the latest, up to date, highest care to the patient.”
Hauke said that the Ripley Life Squad continues to upgrade equipment and training and currently have three paid employees, without asking the citizens of Ripley and Union Township for tax support.
“Some of our upcoming events include building improvements, purchasing new vehicles, applying for grants,” Hauke said, “we’re hoping to get grants to purchase mechanical CPR devices and we are also working  on placing a helicopter landing pad at our station to help facilitate faster  access for our sickest patients.
“I am very proud to be a part of bringing life saving medical care to the Village of Ripley using the latest in training, protocol and equipment right to the side of the patient.”