Ripley students place in top 10 video contest

video contestBy Martha Jacob – Ripley Bee
Two Ripley-Union-Lewis-Huntington High School students, placed in the top ten of the 2015 Take Action Video Contest  offered by the Ohio Attorney General’s office and the Ohio Council on Economic Education.
Students Johannah Fisher and Chase Marfut, both juniors at RULH High School have both taken teacher Patty Ream’s Digital Video class.
“When I received the flyer for the Take Action Video contest, both Johannah and Chase expressed interest in working on the contest entry together,” Ream said, “I discussed with them the various topics that they could choose from and they decided to go with Consumer Safety, which boils down to being safe on the internet so that someone’s personal information can’t be compromised.”
The Take Action Video Contest calls for its contestants to produce a 60-second video warning fellow Ohioans about scams, cyber security threats, and identity theft. More than 215 contest entries from students throughout the state were received by the Ohio Attorney General’s office.
College scholarships are awarded to the top three individuals or teams.  “This contest gives students an opportunity to earn money for college, while building a better understanding of important consumer topics,” said Attorney General DeWine in a press release, “I encourage Ohio high school students to learn about consumer protection and submit an informative video.”
“Johannah and Chase looked at the previous year’s winners to see the format for the contest and they brainstormed on how they wanted to portray consumer safety,” Ream said. “When you are on the internet, you leave digital footprints that are referred to as bread-crumbs so that led to the idea of the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.”
Ream explained that since she teaches video she owns a variety of props and found that she happened to have a costume that would work for Chase and purchased another one for Johannah.
The video produced by the two students shows Chase walking around the forest finding pieces of paper laying around with Gretel’s personal information such as social security number, credit card number on them.
“In the video, Hansel comes across Gretel sitting on a tree stump with her laptop shopping on the internet,” Ream said. “He shows Gretel a handful of her breadcrumbs (her personal information) which represents her giving out her personal information online to unprotected sites. It was a really good video and I am very proud of them.”