Meet Councilman Travis Arnett

TravisBy Martha Jacob – Ripley Bee
Ripley Village Council welcomed a new member last week as Travis Arnett came aboard as councilman.
Arnett moved to Ripley about 12 years ago, and has been interested in running for council for some time. He grew up in Aberdeen, but graduated from Ripley High School in 1994.
‘I actually ran for Aberdeen Council once, when I was only 24,” Arnett said with a smile, “But I was young and people didn’t take me seriously, but I actually received a lot of votes, so I was happy. Even at that age, I saw the world a little differently than most people.”
Arnett said he believes that a village is in operation 24/7 and he said he feels that young people are often more aware of things that go on around them than older people and they see things differently and can contribute a lot to council.
“I had actually decided to run for Ripley Council but wasn’t able to in November,” Arnett said. “So when I learned that there was an open seat on council, I knew I wanted to try for it. I had to do a lot of traveling in my job as a union pipefitter but now I know I’ll have the time needed to dedicate to this position.
“I’ve been in school for the last two and a half years and will graduate in early May with my  electric mechanical engineering degree.”
Councilman Arnett said that he genuinely loves the Village of Ripley as does everyone who lives in the village. He said trends are showing that more and more people are moving from cities to small villages like Ripley. He said, “I want people to visit a Ripley that leaves a lasting impression on them.
“As a council member I hope to do everything in my power to make a positive difference in the Village of Ripley. If I’m asked a question by a resident, I’ll give them a straight answer. I want people to consider me approachable.”