Carson celebrates 104th birthday

GEORGETOWN – Longevity is something many dream of and few attain. A long life can be a sign of health and good fortune or luck of the draw. For Cait Carson, turning 104 was just another day, but for her loved ones, it became a special moment to share.

Her family, five generations deep, gathered in the cafe of the Villa Georgetown to celebrate her 104th birthday on Saturday. Carson sat in her chair taking it all in. Carson has a quick witted sense of humor and said the key to a long life was to live so many years.

Her family said Carson was ever wary of doctors and said she used to say the key to living so long is to avoid going to the doctor. Carson still mowed her own lawn and cut her own wood at 99, unfortunately an injury put her in the Villa Georgetown. In her time she doesn’t see much difference in the world over the past century.

“Not a lot has changed,” Carson said when asked how much different things were, “Cars are different.”

There is a lot to take in over the course of 104 years. It’s hard to remember all of the changes she had seen in her lifetime.

Carson said she doesn’t plan ahead because she didn’t have time. Her diet consist of sweets and coffee, particularly Reese Cups.

According to the staff she has a keen sense of humor and is always out and about. But takes several naps during the day to keep her energy up. Carson said for the next 104 years of her life, she’d like to get some sleep.

“All I want to do is go to bed,” Carson said.

For any person who survived through two world wars, a Great Depression and everything from the Wilson Presidency through President Obama, a good night’s sleep seems well deserved.

By Brian Durham

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