Library Talk

It’s almost Halloween. Since Ripley’s official “trick or treat” time is this Saturday after the library closes, the Friends of the Library will not be sitting at the library. We know we aren’t in the “high density” candy district, so while we will miss the cute and scary costumes, I don’t think the library stop is an important one. We will have a basket of treats available Saturday, but you don’t have to be in costume to partake.

One of the great things about your public library is we get to purchase materials on a large variety of subjects. This week, we are adding some from Hollywood and some from Clermont County—a few miles apart in a lot of ways, but they will be fun and useful. The Hollywood additions include “Sinatra: The Chairman” by James Kaplan to honor the crooner’s 100th and “Andy and Don: The Making of a Friendship and a Classic American TV Show” by Daniel de Vise.

Before Brown County was Brown County, the land was either Clermont or Adams, up until 1818. While our local history collection has a respectable Adams County collection, we don’t have all that many Clermont County books to help out. We have just added “Moyer’s Clermont County Ohio Marriage Index 1800-1849” and “Clermont County Ohio, Marriages 1850-1874” to help our regular and visiting genealogists.

Due to the popularity of the scarecrows, by the people that took the time to create them as well as everyone who walks or drives by to see them, we are going to try snowmen for the fence this winter. We are in the process of preparing 16 wooden cutouts and we will have them primed white and ready to go—some very classic three ball snowmen, some blocky, some a little more “primitive” in shape, four to six feet tall. As with the scarecrows, you will get your creation back after they have been displayed. If you are interested, please let us know.

As for all that contributed scarecrows, we will be taking them down after Halloween, and we hope that you can come in and pick them up.

By Alison Gibson

Director, Union Township Public Library