Manor News

The residents of the Ohio Valley Manor were happy to see family and friends the week of June 22 through 29.

Dawn Grippa spent time with Alice Himes and Shelley Sroufe. Jeanette Carrington enjoyed the company of Bobby Polley, Kurt Polley-Fussnecker, Ella Wheeler and Dwight and Paulette Carrington. Kathryn Tong’s visitors included her sisters, Evelyn Johnson and Judy Scott of Yellow Springs, and her cousin, Lula Bell Setty of Fairborn.

Valerie Shelton reports that her daughter, Vicki Carrington, picked her up so she could spend the afternoon with her family, son-in-law and daughter, Mike and Vicki Carrington, her granddaughter Mackenzi Carrington and her great-grandson, Carter Houston.

Herb Polley’s wife, Jane Polley, spends time with him each day. His children and their spouses come by each week. They include Key Polley, Rhonda DeFosse and Bob Polley. He was also visited by the chaplain, Barbara Werlain and Kalyn Dyer.

Mary Pharris was pleased to see Donnie and Diana Thompson, Sara Reynolds, Payzlee Markwell, Breanna Bealer, Shirley Washington and Davi Pritchett.

In addition to visiting the residents listed above, we also stopped in to see Judy Burson, Bonnie Roush, Roy Copple, Imelda Kimball, Allene Tuel, Ada Daulton, Nellie Gray, Marion Donley, Esther Kennedy, Alice Himes, Helen Henize and Jessie Sanders.

Have a great week as we celebrate our independence.