Red Oak News

The girl that led to Xavier having a nickname for his middle name has died. Fun loving and always happy and always laughing, Barbara Roberts Creech is dead as of February 2015. Throughout the years Barb, her husband, and family have moved quite a few times. So, because it is her birthday this week I went online to try to find the phone number for her, instead I found her obituary.

Happy, happy birthday this week to you if indeed it is your birthday season and also to Rita, Nancy, Tyler, Janice, Kathy, Wayne, Robert, Brian, Mike, Jim, Adam, Travis, Sophia, Nancy, Tyler, Janice, Kathy, Wayne, Robert, Norval, Brian, Mike, Jim Arnold, Adam, Travis, Sophia , Fred, Jacob, Eric, Lauren, Larry.

Happy belated birthday last week to Tiffany, Stephen, Donna, Courtney, Diane, Terry, Bobby, Hagar, Myra, Ada Dunn who was a hundred and eight last week, Stanley, Pam, Joanne, and Troy, Barbara Roberts Creech, Bill, Ruth, Clayton, James, Keith, Kyle, Terry, William, Alva, and Bradley.

The Brown County Singing Convention is being held this Friday evening at the Ripley Nazarene Church starting at 7 p.m. You are invited. The singing convention happens each month and meets at a different church each month.

I had a pleasant phone conversation with Aunt Ethel Shelton this week. She was preparing to go to her 75th alumni at the former Decatur School. From the sound of her voice she had her dancing shoes on and was ready to go. The 28th of this month her birthday party is at the farm lake on the grounds still mowed by Ms. Ethel herself. The party is starting at noon or as Aunt Ethel said, “Whenever you get there!’ A tent set up in the yard of the barn that has a room set up nicely for Ms. Ethel’s birthday party. Bring a fishing pole as the lake is next to the tent.

I also had a very pleasant 93rd birthday conversation with another lady that is a definite role model. This birthday gal is Mrs. Dorothy Huff, bass drummer for the Liberty Band for the last 20 years. Dorothy, followed in her father’s footsteps listening and participating while he played for the Liberty Band for 60 years.

Many congratulations to Joe and Mary Bick celebrating their 63rd years of marriage.

Please pray blessings for your neighbor. You have no idea what this little prayer could mean for the both of you.