Manor news

The residents of the Ohio Valley Manor enjoyed seeing family and friends the week of June 8 through 15. Alice Himes celebrated her 88th birthday with a surprise party given by Dawn Grippa on Sunday, June 14. A great time was had by all! Alice was pleased to see Doug, Denise, Gary and Mary Palmer, Dawn Grippa, Reg and Judy Dryden, The Tomlin Sisters – Edna Bell, Linda, Barb and Michelle, Raymonds and Esher Dryden, Dee Turner and her daughter, Judy Workman, Pam Sauers, Corey, Sarha, Marca, Marrietta, Claudeen, Nel, Edith, Dorothy, Juble, Bob Spiller and Janet Waters. Herb Polley’s family come to see him each week. He was also visited by Stacey Cornett. Jeanette Carrington’s company included Marilyn Cluxton, Darlene Weaver, Nancy haitz, Donna Jodrey, Carol Willougby and Sharon Bohl.

Our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Bessie Sidwell during this time of bereavement. Mary Pharris spent time with Diana, Donnie and Robyn Thompson. Jackie Fitch, Jane Bevins, Pat Young, Becky Ralston, Tony Grippa, Alice Himes, Pam Sauer and Judy Workman stopped in to see resident Dawn Grippa. Marion Donley was happy to see Chrys Wiles Jacobs, Bob Jenkins, Dr. Cherry, Raechel Stauder, Kaye and Jared Nichols and Rita who is celebrating a birthday. Happy birthday Rita!

In addition to visiting the residents listed above we also stopped in to see: Valerie Shelton, Imelda Kimball, Esther Kennedy, Bonnie Roush, Kathryn Tong, Ada Daulton, Allene Tuel, Helen Kerr, Roy Copple, Helen Henize, Nellie Gray, Jessie Sanders and Judy Burson. Have a great week!