Find a cool place to read a book

The calendar says summer doesn’t officially start until Sunday, but I’m thinking it is already here—the heat and humidity are both well established in the Ohio River Valley. So, I believe it is a great time to find a cool place, be it under the perfect tree that shades and is in proximity to a breeze, in the library, or under a ceiling fan at home to lose track of time reading a book. I know, sounds a bit old-fashioned, but reading a book could be with the paper variety or eBook, it doesn’t matter. Could be the ultimate “staycation” for a few hours—staying in one place, but allowing your mind to travel anywhere, any time in any world, and we have a building full of these destinations!

Authors and publishers know that summertime is a good time to sell fun “beach read” books—they might be a romance, a mystery, or a thriller to tease the interest of the reader, so we fall for the pitch and purchase quite a few. This week and next, we will be adding Mary Higgins Clark’s “The Melody Lingers On”, Tom Clancy’s “Under Fire: A Jack Ryan Jr.” novel, Janet Evanovich’s “Wicked Charms: A Lizzie and Diesel novel”, Christopher Reich’s “Invasion of Privacy”, Jude Devereux’s third book in the Nantucket Brides series “Ever After”, Danielle Steel chimes in with “Country”, and of course, James Patterson has a new book out, this time “Truth or Die.”

The kids that are participating in the summer reading program (and thank you to the parents, grandparents, neighbors and friends that bring the young ones to the library) are having a good time. Our shelves in the children’s department show lots of gaps with all the hundreds of books leaving the library to be read—those book bags the kids get when signing up are getting a workout. Still time to join the fun, we will be logging books read for the t-shirt goal until school starts, and we have many weeks left of the activity programs.