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New LIDAR technology in Ripley begins

The Village of Ripley will implement a new speed enforcement program throughout the Village similar to the programs implemented in a number of nearby villages.
Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 918 people were killed in Ohio in vehicle crashes in 2014, over double the number of murders that occurred during the same time period, according to the Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services.
The Ripley Police Department will begin using new LIDAR technology that includes a camera mounted to the handheld LIDAR device utilized by a police officer.  Pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 4511.093 (B), (1)&(2), a local authority has the ability to use traffic law photo monitoring if an officer is present and personally witnesses the violation.
Since a full-time police officer will witness, capture, review, and issue the citations, the LIDAR program meets these requirements, as well as all other statutes of the Ohio Revised Code.
The Ripley Police will focus on speeding throughout the village. The village council voted to approve the program on Feb. 14, 2017, which will allow the police department to utilize the technology.  The unit allows an officer to capture a photo of the violation, and after later approval by a supervisor, issue the violation by mail.
The officer still has the authority to conduct a traffic stop and issue a uniform citation, however if the camera captures the violation, the citation will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle, with fines to start at $125.00.
A major advantage to the civil violation is that points will not be accessed to the driver, nor will it be reported to the driver’s insurance as with a uniform traffic citation.
The Village will begin the program on February 27 with a 30-day warning period. Citations issued during this period will not include a fine, but rather serve as notice that the program is underway.  After the warning period, violators will have 30 days to pay the fine by mail, internet or by phone.  Failure to pay the violation will result in the citations to be sent to collections.
Registered owners of the violating vehicles may attend an administrative hearing as authorized ORC 4511.099 to contest the charge.  The law states that a person who is issued the ticket may contest the ticket by filing a written request for an administrative hearing to review the citation.  Citations may be contested through due process as approved by the Ohio Supreme Court earlier last year.
Programs of this kind are being implemented in multiple cities throughout the nation.  Studies from the National Highway Safety Administration and the Governor’s Highway Safety Association consistently show that programs of this nature reduce the number of crashes, injuries, fatalities, and crime.
It is the goal of the Village of Ripley to maintain a safe community both for its citizens and motorists.


  1. Speed scameras on a expressway are NOT safety.

    Any claim to that is DISHONEST!

    Most crashes are NOT caused by exceeding the speed limit! “Out of 2.7 million traffic accidents recorded in twenty-five states over the course of a year, only 1.6 percent were caused by drivers who exceeded the posted speed limit. The figures come from an analysis by TheNewspaper of annual reports typically compiled by each state for use in applying for grant money from the National Highway Transportation Agency (NHTSA)”

    (about half the deaths that do occur have more to do with NOT wearing seat belts).

    Heck this dishonesty by scamera supporters is not new. In the UK ABD pulled data and discovered the scamera supporters LYING! “The Association of British Drivers (ABD) fought with the camera partnership for release of crash data under the Freedom of Information Act. According to the documents, the crashes cited in the formal justification for the placement of cameras on the M4 include:
    an accident where a pedestrian fell from a bridge
    an accident where a gust of wind pushed one truck into another
    several tire blowout accidents
    a crash where a car drove the wrong way
    According to Smith, the accident data show that only about four percent of accidents on the M4 were actually caused by exceeding a posted limit. The documents rated the most and least important contributory factors as a percentage of accidents on the M4, as follows:
    Inattention: 28%
    Failure to judge others’ path or speed (i.e. poor lane-changing): 28%
    Lack of judgment of own path: 17%
    Fatigue: 14%
    Careless, thoughtless or reckless behavior:14%
    Excess speed for conditions: 14%
    Exceeding posted speed limit: 4.2% (SafeSpeed estimate)
    “I would very much like to hear the Camera Partnership explain exactly how it is supposed to be possible that their cameras reduced crashes by over sixty percent when only about four percent of crashes involved exceeding a speed limit,” Smith said. “It does not make sense.”

    “This data — now we’ve forced it into the public domain — raises very serious questions about the use of speed cameras on the M4,” said ABD road safety spokesman Mark McArthur-Christie. “It also raises questions about why the data has not been made public before.”
    Ban the Cams on Facebook
    Camerafraud on Facebook

  2. Ripley is the latest Ohio city to use the for-profit Lidar speed camera racket to ticket mostly safe drivers in speed traps for revenue. The cameras are expensive and will return enough fines to cover their own high costs plus produce the profits they are actually being used for ONLY when deployed in areas where the posted speed limits are set at least 8 to 10 mph lower than the safest 85th percentile speed levels. Example: If 85% of the cars are at or under 43 to 47 mph, the safest limit to post for the fewest crashes is 45 mph – NOT 40 or 35 or 30. You would find the for-profit Lidar cams in such a place ONLY if the posted limit is improperly and less-safely set at 35 or lower.

    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

  3. I would encourage anyone who thinks this program to be a revenue scam… Stop speeding and then they wouldn’t need or have a camera and we may also limit accidents with injuries

    1. It is a revenue scam since Ripley did not follow all the CURRENT Ohio Revised Code LAWS required for allowing either a stationary camera or an officer holding a camera, to be allowed to operate.

      Since the state of Ohio doesn’t recognize camera speeding tickets and will not assess points to a persons record by using them, small local towns, who are trying to steal money from its citizens, are picking up this terrible system in order to line their pockets with money that they have lost due to tons of businesses leaving their cities.

      There have already been 3 class action lawsuits in Ohio alone, where the citizens have won and the cities who wrongfully accused its citizens with “camera tickets” had to refund all of the stolen money.

      This article was only written in a fleeting attempt for Ripley to try to abide by the 30 day notice requirement needed for them to be allowed to start collecting money from the system. The city has failed to follow, by the current count of the 10 codes, at least 5 of the 10 requirements needed to enact this system.

      Anyone writing this article or any police officer using this so called “safety system”, I believe, should be required at the very least to READ the OHIO REVISED CODE that goes over the misuse of this system by Ripley. It took me literally 15 minutes of reading on the ORC website to find how many violations the city is currently at fault for trying to rush this implementation so they can collect illegal revenues.

      This city, just like several others in Ohio, are staring down the barrel of a possible class action lawsuit if any of the victims of this unjust and illegal system happen to feel like talking to a lawyer at all (since the violations can plainly be seen on the ORC website).

      If you are going to try to steal money from your own citizens, then at the very least the people who implemented said system should have read and followed the laws that the state of Ohio have voted on.

      1. How do I go about joining the group to protest this scam?? This is ridiculous. 34 in a 20 at 7 am. It’s not even a school zone at 7 am!! I know because I am a teacher going to school!!!

  4. This is clearly a tactic to make money. The company that they got the cameras from gets part of the money. Other towns that used these, the company required the camera be running so many hours per contract. People do not do excessive speeds thru downtown Ripley. One of the reasons to traffic stop someone is to be able to gather more information such as is the driver impaired, are there drugs in the car, is there stolen property, etc. This is purely a money making tactic and flat out lazy police work. If they want to give someone a speeding ticket than they need to physically pull the car over. How busy can they seriously be in little Ripley? This is a joke and shows what type of department they are running and that they are just desperate for money.

  5. So this system is supposed to make the streets safer? I’m not sure how that is possible because officers mailing tickets instead of pulling a car over is nothing other than a cash grab.

    By mailing the ticket does the officer have an opportunity to see if the driver is impaired?…..No, considering speed is one of the primary clues of impaired driving, mailing a ticket does not reduce impaired driving.

    By mailing a ticket does the officer have a chance to see if the driver (that may not be the registered owner) is wanted or has a valid driver’s license?…..No…..once again this doesn’t take people off of the street that shouldn’t be driving.

    By mailing a ticket does the officer have a chance to see if illegal narcotics are being transported?…..Once again No…..So this effort is not making the community safer by combating the drug epidemic that is going on in our area.

    By mailing a ticket does an officer have the ability to possibly uncover other criminal acts that have just been committed or about to occur?…..No…because criminals almost always use a vehicle to travel to or from a burglary, robbery or other crimes and the fruits and or tools of those crimes can often be uncovered on “routine” stops for traffic violations such as speed.

    So safer streets with this program…No. It’s poor policing and gives law enforcement a bad name as a whole. If someone is speeding pull the car over and issue a ticket. Maybe you will solve some other crime in the process not just hand out the mail……

  6. Wow. Are they still paying their cops minimum wage and letting them walk around the Tobacco festival drinking beer?

  7. Bring back Harvey and the experienced officers that dont need technology like this and can operate their budget the logical way.. don’t spend more than you take in!

  8. This is crude and rediculous!!! As if the town doesn’t already steal enough money from it’s citizens!!! Remember when almost everyone at the city building was stealing money and no one in town ever got refunded for the overpayments! Yeah sounds about right!!!

  9. Why not hire more police officers. It seems to me that your biggest problem in Ripley is your drug problem. How many accidents have happened in Ripley in the last year??? The only serious ones are the trucks that come off 62 onto 52. You can accomplish much more if you crack down on drugs and drunk drivers. Help make Ripley a better place to live. Clean up the town get rid of the druggy’s and the drunks.

  10. How to settle this once and for all. It is very simple Do Not Speed. Why should you worry if you are not an offender.

  11. I didn’t speed. My husband and I both own the truck but I never drive it. I wonder why the cop selected me as the offender? I would think that the cop would pick the man as the offender unless he thinks I’m bald.

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